Seasoned freelance software developer with 4 years of experience delivering unique and bespoke software solutions. Easy going, hard working nerd with a passion for research in information security and a strong sense of social justice. Engaged participant in the InfoSec community at various CTFs, meet-ups and conferences


IT Infrastructure Manager

Anna Chandler Design

  • Provided IT support and POS system deployment to a fleet of 4 stores
  • Designed, Built and Optimised a custom WooCommerce website which has vastly improved the business' sales.
  • Installed and Maintained a network of security camera systems across multiple locations
  • Created a utility which automatically synchronises product stock data between WooCommerce and Xero using their respective APIs
  • Built a custom map generator around the Xero accounting API
Jan. 2010 - Present

Freelance IT Consultant


  • Built a completely bespoke eCommerce system for a client with a dynamic and challenging set of requirements
  • Created a set of utilities which could synchronise user, product and order data between a client's CRM, Accounting and eCommerce databases
  • Learned first-hand, the importance of rigid version control, testing procedures and continuous integration practices in collaborative software development projects
  • Applied leadership skills to organise teams spanning multiple disciplines and timezones to deliver several projects
  • Gained an awareness of significance of good information security practices when administrating web-facing applications
  • Took on the role of a sysadmin in an environment that was under a constant barrage of DDoS and attempted defacement attacks where I learnt pre-emptive DDoS mitigation techniques.
  • Performed incident response for a client whose web hosting company and backups had been taken down by an advanced attacker.
Jun. 2014 - Present


University of Western Australia

B.Sc. in Computer Science and Physics

  • Grade Point Average: 4.931
2010 - 2013


Programming Languages
Web Technologies
Tools & Workflow


In my spare time I play drums for two bands and make experimental electronic music using algorithmic composition. Writing music in high level languages like Supercollider, Haskell and Clojure/Overtone is a nice way to take a break from work. Most aspects of my life revolve around code in some way.

For most of my life, Python has been my native tongue, and I feel very much at home in a command line. I've used Python in countless open source projects ranging from small utilities and web scrapers to automate my workflow; to ambitious collaborative art projects for festivals. My friends and I have worked on several novel electronics engineering projects which we have written about in our blog.

Conferences / Workshops

During my time as a freelancer, I've attended numerous conferences (at my own expense) because I love being at the forefront of research in the computer science and information security community. I watch the talks that come out of CCC, Black Hat and DEF CON religiously. Here are some of the recent conferences and workshops I've been a part of:

  • Platypus · Ran a workshop on bypassing IoT security using UART, 2017
  • Ruxcon · Melbourne, 2017
  • WAHCKon · Perth, 2015 - 2016
  • PyCon · Melbourne, 2017
  • Compose · Melbourne, 2017 - 2018
  • PlatypusCamp · Sydney, 2017
  • BuzzConf · Melbourne, 2016 - 2017
  • WooConf · San Francisco, 2014

Wargames / CTFs / Hackathons

I started hacking with Kali Linux (or Backtrack as it was called then) in my teenage years on discarded computer hardware that I would find and repair. More recently I've been pursuing my passion in Infosec by competing in various capture the flag competitions, hackathons and war-game exercises.

  • PentesterLab Pro · Essential · Unix · White · Intercept · Serialize
  • RuxCon CTF · 2017
  • PlatypusCamp CTF · Android Internals
  • PyCon Hackathon · ESP32 Toolchain
  • ExploitExercises · Nebula · Protostar
  • VulnHub · Mr Robot
  • OverTheWire · Bandit · Leviathan · Natas · Krypton



Protocol, firmware and controller software

    Designed and implemented a custom serial protocol, client and server for synchronously transmitting pixel data to multiple microcontrollers as part of an interactive geodesic LED dome art project in collaboration with laserphile.


      Programmed the Arduino firmware for an electric vehicle art project in collaboration with Matt Callaghan

      Modified 3D Printer

        Designed custom components and firmware for a specialised 3d printer that could simultaneously print multiple materials in collaboration with Matt Callaghan

        Xero Map Generator

        Generates a Google MyMaps import file from filtered contacts pulled using the Xero API


        Wrote a tool which generates alerts when a devices enters or leaves a network by analysing ARP packets.

        GPM Cache

        Wrote a script to locally cache files from a playlist in Google Play Music for you to enjoy offline

        Feature Hunter

        Wrote a crawler which sends detailed email alerts about updated website content.